Beaten beans

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Wash the beans and leave them to hydrate overnight.

It is boiled, and after boiling it is strained, the water is thrown away and the beans are further boiled in another hot water.

The operation is repeated twice more.

When we put the beans in the final water, we add salt and let them boil until we test and notice that the beans crush easily.

Strain the beans again, but this time keep the water in which it boiled.

The beans are crushed and homogenized, adding a little water from the one in which he boiled the olive oil, until it reaches the desired consistency.

In a pan put a little olive oil and onion and garlic, finely chopped (cleaned and washed beforehand). Let them soften a little and add the tomatoes, broth, parsley and dill. Leave for a few minutes and add the beans. Mix and match with salt and pepper.

Good appetite!:)

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