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The 8 Best Tequila Subscriptions of 2020

The 8 Best Tequila Subscriptions of 2020

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Mexico’s world of agave spirits is a nuanced one. With tequila, mezcal, sotol, raicilla, and others, each category comes with its own set of stories, production guidelines, and characteristics.

Signing up for a tequila or mezcal subscription, for example, is an excellent way to get familiar with the category without having to do any work besides finding the right membership and joining (but luckily, we’ve gotten a head start for you on the first part). Here are the top tequila subscriptions for every budget and lifestyle.

Best Overall: Flaviar - Tequila and Mezcal Tasting Boxes

Flaviar is a go-to for exciting spirits delivery boxes, and its plentiful agave offerings are no exception.

Tasting boxes feature select 50-milliliter samples of select products; choose from themes like Up In Smoke, Mezcalistas, Flaviar Awards 2020: Outta Sight Spirits (a mixed bag of various spirits that includes an artisanal Mezcal), and more. Prices vary based on your selected theme, and members always enjoy a discount on themed boxes.

Flaviar’s membership, which is centered around quarterly deliveries of a tasting box plus a full-sized bottle of your choice, includes a number of perks⁠—from access to exclusive bottlings and member events to site features, like community reviews, a tasting log, and personalized recommendations.

If you choose quarterly billing, a subscription is around $32 per month, and selecting annual billing will bring the monthly cost down to about $25. Memberships renew on either a quarterly or annual basis.

Flaviar members receive free shipping on all orders. The company ships to select U.S. states, as well as all countries in the EU; all tasting boxes are available for worldwide shipping.

Most Educational: Taster’s Club - Tequila of the Month Club

With Taster’s Club’s Tequila of the Month Club, you can expect a full-sized bottle of tequila delivered to your door every four weeks. And, sometimes, they'll even mix it up with a bottle of mezcal. This membership generally focuses on top shelf and hard-to-find bottles, and if you join the PRO version of the club, your selections will be even more special and rare.

Each delivery is accompanied by a wealth of information surrounding the bottle and its respective category, covering subjects like production methods, tasting, distilleries, comments from industry experts, and more. The introductory club level costs roughly $54 per month and the PRO level costs about $87 monthly (shipping is not included for either plan. Individuals can join the club directly or give them as gifts in prepaid, three-, or 12-month bundles.

This club’s two options are perfect if you're looking to discover lesser-known producers. Recently featured brands include Tequila ArteNOM Selección, Ayate Tequila, Centinela, Tequila Revolución, and more. Memberships can be canceled at any time sans penalty.

Best Discounts: Sip Tequila - Private Tequila Club

If you know what you like and want to keep it regularly stocked (and at a discount if you play your cards right), Sip Tequila’s single bottle subscription is a great place to start.

Depending on your personal preferences and whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, you can choose from a pay-as-you-go format or prepaid four-, six-, or 12-shipment packages. The subscribe-and-save option comes with free ground shipping, and if you go with the prepaid route, you’ll save around 5% on four shipments, 10% on six, or 15% on 12.

To join, simply click on your preferred bottle and fill out your preferences as you check out: Just select a one-time purchase or subscription. Both the subscription and prepaid options include free shipping, and you can choose your shipping cadence for either.

Prices vary based on selected bottles, and members can pause their subscription or edit their settings at any time without consequence. (Note that there’s a two-shipment minimum required before cancellation.)

Best for Gifting: Mash&Grape - Tequila Explorer

For as little as around $54 monthly, you can have your own expertly, hand-selected bottle of Tequila thanks to Mash&Grape’s Tequila Explorer subscription.

This club makes it easy and seamless to gift a subscription to someone else or to sign up on your own behalf. For either format, choose from a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription, or opt for an ongoing membership billed monthly (the ongoing option is for non-gift options only). These shipments, whether for yourself or as a gift, work out to be about $54 each⁠—regardless of cadence⁠—and each selection highlights small distillers and independent bottlers.

Tasting notes and the story behind each selection are included in the deliveries. All of Mash&Grape’s subscription boxes are shipped around the 15th of each month, and all options (aside from ongoing shipments, which can be canceled at any time) are prepaid.

Recently featured bottles include Tequila Partida Reposado, 120 Organic Uno Blanco, and Hussong’s Reposado. All gift options come with a customizable postcard, which can be printed should you wish to give a hard copy to your recipient.

Best Local: Universal Fine Wine & Spirits - Tequila and Mezcal of the Month Club

Located just north of Tampa Bay, Florida liquor store Universal Fine Wine & Spirits has created its very own tequila and mezcal membership concept for local shoppers and beyond.

Universal Fine Wine & Spirits offers a plethora of membership club options by spirit category, and its tequila and mezcal subscription is available in three-, six-, or 12-month bundles starting at about $225. The shop’s team of experts selects each month’s boutique bottle by hand, focusing on fun and special bottles designed to keep members on their toes.

By signing up for a membership with Universal Fine Wine & Spirits, you’re supporting a family-owned and operated business, which is always a plus. With that, you’re also guaranteed a more personal customer service experience than many big companies are able to offer. Note that the club selections vary based on availability.

Universal Fine Wine & Spirits ships nationwide via FedEx, and delivery is free for club members.

Best Sustainable: Maguey Melate - Mezcalero of the Month Club

If ever there was a club to join in the name of the greater good, it would be Maguey Melate’s Mezcalero of the Month Club.

This subscription is dedicated to supporting local, family-owned businesses by showcasing individual mezcal producers through their bimonthly deliveries of two 375-milliliter bottles. Included in each delivery is the history of each spirit and its Mezcalero through educational materials and resources.

Maguey Melate founder Dalton Kreiss makes its Mezcalero "the star of the show." This is in stark contrast to many other brands, which can often be secretive about the producers behind their product, Kreiss notes.

Order a Maguey Melate signature box as a one-off gift (featuring a curated set of three half-bottles of artisanal agave spirit, copitas, a frameable piece by a local artist, and more), or join the club for about $115 per bimonthly delivery (shipping included). Purchases through Maguey Melate help to fund the replanting of agave through a local sustainability project.

Best Splurge: SpiritedGifts - Tequila of the Month Club

With SpiritedGifts’ Tequila of the Month Club, you can purchase three months’ worth of top-shelf tequila deliveries for yourself or as a gift for someone else for around $249.

Members will receive one bottle per month during their subscription window: one silver, one reposado, and one añejo. Silver tequila, also referred to as blanco, is aged just for a short time or not at all, while reposado is rested between 60 days and one year in wood casks. Añejo is aged for a minimum of one year.

Bottle engraving is also available if you’d like to make your gift extra special. SpiritedGifts is home to plenty of other tequila-themed treats in addition to its club offering—think sets of mini bottles, thoughtful gift baskets featuring popular tequila brands, margarita sets, and more. So, if a one-off purchase is more your speed, this is an excellent place to look.

Most Simple: - Tequila of the Month Club keeps it simple: Buy a six-month bottle subscription for six Tequila shipments, each of which comes out to around $95, plus shipping.

This makes for a great gift, as the recipient will be notified via a custom certificate (either hard copy or digital); selections include brands like Patrón, Herradura, Cazadores, Casa Noble, and more, keeping a focus on reposado and añejo expressions. Club orders generally arrive around the beginning of each month.

If you’re really looking to go all out, you can create a customized gift basket out of the membership itself—this offering allows for up to two bottles to be added to the bundle. And, in addition to the membership certificate, other add-ons like caviar, sweet and savory snacks, glassware, jams, preserves, and more will be included. Shipping comes at an additional cost to the sender.

How We Chose the Best Tequila Subscriptions

There is a whole lot of cocktail and spirits subscriptions out there, and choosing the best ones requires taking into account quality, variety, education, price ranges, and sustainability. This grouping of tequila and mezcal subscription options strikes a balance between all of these elements. We chose options catered to every kind of tequila connoisseur.

If you're interested in something more simplistic and intuitive when it comes to a subscription,'s Tequila of the Month Club is ideal. But if you want something that provides a wealth of information on the tequila you're consuming, Taster’s Club Tequila of the Month Club is an ideal fit.

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