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Chocolate croissants - Croissants

Chocolate croissants - Croissants

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Put flour in a bowl. Make a hole in the middle, put the yeast, salt, sugar, diced butter and cold milk. At first it is mixed with a fork until the flour turns into a crust, then it is kneaded by hand until a homogeneous dough is obtained, which does not stick to the hand and bowl. It doesn't knead much, just enough not to have lumps.

If necessary, you can add a little cold milk or flour, as required by the dough.

The dough is gathered in the form of a ball and refrigerated for 1 hour.

Rub the butter, let the water out of it, then mix with 2-3 tablespoons of flour. Put it on a piece of food foil, wrap it, give it a cubic shape and put it in the fridge.

Spread the butter cube on the table sprinkled with flour, until you get a square sheet, about 1 cm thick.

Then spread the dough, in a sheet twice the size, compared to the square of butter.

We put the square of butter over the sheet of dough and we pack it like this: the right part is brought over the butter, and the left one is brought on top, up to the edge of the sheet.

It is then spread with the twister in a sheet 3 times longer than it is wide, about 1 cm thick. Next, we pack in 3 parts, bring the front, up to half, and the other part is brought on top and once again in 3. Pack well, so that no air gaps remain.

If air bubbles appear in the dough, especially when spreading with a rolling pin, remove the dough by pricking the dough with the tip of a thin knife.

If during the spreading it happens that the butter comes out of the dough, sprinkle the place with flour and spread it with the rolling pin.

Wrap the dough in foil and let it cool for 30 minutes. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and repeat the above operation, an operation that we repeat 4 times, at intervals of 30 minutes to keep cold.

While folding the dough, sprinkle with flour, so that it does not stick, only if necessary

When the sheets are folded, clean the flour well with a brush, so that the dough does not get soaked with a lot of flour.

Last time, roll out the dough into a rectangular sheet about 0.5 cm thick, then cut into 2 lengthwise, then into triangles of the desired size.

On the base of each triangle put a square of chocolate and roll to the top. Put them in the tray lined with baking paper, at a distance from each other and put them in the fridge for 30 minutes.

You can use any other filling you like or you can make it simple, as you prefer.

Be sure to put them in the fridge, let them cool before putting the tray in the oven. At the first round of horns, I said there was no need and they didn't turn out beautiful, they fell apart. They were good, but ugly. :))

Remove the tray from the fridge, quickly grease the croissants with beaten egg yolk with a little cold milk and put them in the oven over medium heat to high, for about 20-25 minutes.

After I did chocolate croissants from quick puff pastry dough, I wanted to try this option as well, in order to make a difference.

I wanted it to be a soft and fluffy end result, but at the same time flaky. And so it is. And now, with my hand on my heart, I could answer Lavinia ... yes, it's a dough that I would make a second and third time ... So, one day when you have some time , you must do it too. It's not hard at all, I assure you.

Thanks to Gabriela for helping me with the ingredients for this puff pastry. : *