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Crafting with Martha and Amy: Golden Pumpkin Centerpieces Slideshow

 Crafting with Martha and Amy: Golden Pumpkin Centerpieces Slideshow

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November 18, 2011

Gather Your Supplies

Mine included three ceramic pumpkins from the dollar store, gold leaf, and adhesive and foam brushes.

Paint the Pumpkin

I dipped directly into the size and painted directly onto the ceramic surface.

Watch the Drips

My foam brush made the size bubble a little, which I think may have affected the final results. In the book, a paintbrush was used. Whoops.

Apply the Sheets

Once the size has dried for 30 minutes, the gold leafing can be directly applied to the pumpkin surface.

Tap the Leafing

I tapped lightly with a different (not wet) foam brush. Gold leafing went everywhere.

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