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Large-Format Mezcal Negroni

Large-Format Mezcal Negroni

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"I think the Mezcal Negroni is a fun cocktail to make in a large format,” says Kenneth McCoy, the chief creative officer of Public House Collective (of The Rum House and Ward III in New York City). “Don’t forget to dilute the cocktail by adding water, as you won’t be stirring it. This will get you around 11 cocktails depending on who’s pouring. Take a liter bottle if you have one (preferably glass). I also think it’s best to cool all of your spirits beforehand; keep the booze in the refrigerator before mixing, then batch the entire cocktail."

  • 9 oz Mezcal
  • 9 oz Campari
  • 9 oz Sweet vermouth
  • Garnish: Orange peel
  1. Add all the ingredients plus 6 oz water into a large container using a funnel.

  2. Serve in a rocks glass over ice.

  3. Garnish with an orange peel.

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