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Killer 'Rumour Has It' Cover Goes A Capella with Spatulas

Killer 'Rumour Has It' Cover Goes A Capella with Spatulas

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Adele's hit gets a remake in the kitchen

We all like getting our groove on in the kitchen, but this cover of Adele's hit "Rumour Has It" takes it to the next level. These four girls from The Dolls kill it with an a capella version, using cheese graters, spatulas, and other classic kitchenware for percussive accents.

This is definitely up there with the Swedish a capella cover of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend," although a bit less technically awesome than that homemade kitchen synthesizer made with bowls, cups, and a frying egg.

Watch the video: Rumor Has It Adele - Accidentals - 2012 Wu0026M A Cappella Showcase (June 2022).


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